See what I did there? One question for every Lombardi Trophy that this proud franchise has won. I have a half dozen vital questions that even Coach Belichick couldn't answer.

6 Questions That Pats Fans Need Answered in 2020

I'm amazed at how overlooked and disrespected Cam Newton was during this off season and I'm still in awe that the Pats picked him up for 2 cents on the dollar. Unfortunately though, the money, or lack thereof, makes the former Heisman Trophy winner and MVP that much more expendable.

If training camp isn't working out as the team had hoped, or if he sustains another injury, they can cut him without any real financial losses. The uncertainty of this is very unsettling as I'd love nothing more than for him to crush the entire league with a revenge tour for the ages.

Newton, of course, is the hub of an offensive wheel with many spokes that are travelling onto new roads. How will Josh McDaniels scheme their Red Zone offense? How soon will Edelman and Newton develop anything close to the sixth sense that he and Brady shared for so long?

As far as Gillette Stadium with 20% capacity, will 13,000 people singing The Outfield's 'Your Love' sound ANYTHING like it did with 50,000 plus?

Also, Coach Belichick in that Subway commercial appears to be eating his sub on a park bench in a very strange way. He's biting on it vertically, that is to say, he's eating the toppings first and not any bread.

Will this change how the entire sub eating world consumes sandwiches for the rest of time?

I need to know!!

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