The coronovirus has been on the minds of everyone lately.  We are worrying over things we never thought we would have to worry over.  Sometimes, it follow us in to our dreams and interferes with our sleep.  If you're like me, it interferes with it every night for one reason or another.

According to an article from WMUR, here are a few of these tips.

1.  Go to bed and wake up at the same time every night.  If you wake up at 4am every day like I do, it might not seem like the thing to do on a Sunday morning, but if it's good for my sleep, I'm down.  Or up... at 4am.

2.  If you nap, do so for no more than 45 minutes.  Too much sleep during the day, according to the report, can make you groggy, so put a time limit on it.

3.  Sorry, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are not good for your sleep.  Sure, you could pass out from drinking, but then, you'll wake up dehydrated and unable to breathe.

4.  No spicy or sugary foods four hours before bedtime - they'll wake you up.

5.  Exercise, but not just before bedtime.  It gives you an extra boost sometimes and you don't want that if you're trying to sleep.

6.  Use your bed for only bedroom activities.  I'm gonna just leave that one to your imagination.  Use your bed for bed things and not work.  Keep the laptop away from the fluffy pillows.

Sleep well, my friends.  We'll be okay.  We're all in this together.

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