60,000 pounds of garbage on the highway? Well, it actually looks worse than it sounds.

You know things have gone terribly wrong when WMUR's Ray Brewer is broadcasting on site wearing a reflective highway safety vest.

For anybody planning to head to the western part of the state, you might want to avoid the south bound lanes of 89 around Warner.

According to WMUR-TV, this rollover accident was caused by an excessive rate of speed. Thankfully nobody was injured as 30 tons of garbage was quickly strewn throughout the highway and sadly, very close to the Warner River.

Really when you think about it, 60,000 pounds of trash being dumped anywhere on Earth would not look very pretty. But when it's dumped in one of the most beautiful cities in The Granite State (they have the BEST Fall Foliage Festival) it really makes me sad.

Both the D.O.T. and the Department of Environmental Services were on hand at the time of the report above, so I'm glad things are being evaluated as early as possible.

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