According to an article in Reader's Digest, you can buy ants, other creepy critters and a whole bunch of other weird items.

You can buy ice trays that are shaped as AK-47 bullets, for all of those sports enthusiasts.

The Gutenberg Bible was the very first thing printed on a printing press, according to A-Train, who is a wealth of knowledge.  The only thing really to read back in the 1400's, was the Bible, so that's was Gutenberg, (inventor of the printing press) printed.  The original copies are long gone, however, you can get a copy on Amazon for about 5 bucks.

You can buy huge googly eyes!  I have these at home, but I didn't get them from Amazon, I got them from a party story.

You can actually buy a wall decal (peel and stick) of a senior woman with Asthma, using her inhaler, which is the weirdest thing ever, in my opinion.

Who wouldn't want a cute cat butt tail shoulder bag?  When your cat walks away, don't you think, gee, I'd love to have a purse like that?  Now you can.  Thanks, Amazon.

A green yodeling plastic pickle needs to be in your collection of weird stuff.  It just has to.  You can buy one on Amazon!  



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