Craigslist has been around for years, helping in a variety of different ways. For many, it's the top choice when apartment hunting. For others, it's an absolute when looking to find services or get leads when it comes to job postings. Another huge and popular section of Craigslist is the FOR SALE section, where people typically list used items in lieu of a traditional yard sale.

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Under that FOR SALE section of Maine's Craigslist is a subsection called FREE. It's a true hit-or-miss section that can be filled with fixer-upper type items where the lister knows there is some value, but isn't exactly seeking compensation in return. The downside of the FREE section is that you'll often find a series of items that are just head-scratchingly bad, from old electronics to worn out furniture, and occasionally worse. Let's take a look at 11 of the very strange items listed for free on Maine's Craigslist

11 Free Items On Maine's Craigslist People Can't Seem to Give Away

From torn apart vehicles to old appliances to expired breast milk, here are some of the very strange and very free items listed on Craigslist in Maine.

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