Ooooooooo, this is exciting...right?


According to WMUR 9, this sucker was empty. Nothing. Zippo, Nada.  It's been hanging around at the Derry Public Library, and before that at a municipal buidling just hanging around on a shelf.

The director, who has been there for 5 years, Cara Potter, said that no one touched the thing until last spring, the news station reported.

The capsule was sealed in 1969 and they waited 50 years to open it. Plus, it also happened to be the anniversary year of the moon landing. Why is that important?

Because Alan Shepard is from Derry, New Hampsire!

Drum roll please!


Nothing. Not a single item! And there was an audience for this too. People who were there to see a little history of Derry!

No history. No nothing!

Cara Potter, the librarian, said to WMUR,

We were a little horrified to find that there was nothing in it.


Apparently no one kept a list of what WAS inside. The capsule was going to be displayed at the Old Home Day celebration in Londonderry last weekend. Soooo, there's that.

No one has a clue who opened it and emptied it. I suppose you just have to use your imagination about what coulda been....

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