For many, seeing Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro was a dream come true. But you know what they say about dreams: they can often be hard to remember. Sometimes…there’s just a “Blank Space.”

A strange phenomenon has set in during Swift’s Eras Tour, by which concertgoers know they went to the show, but can’t actually recall very much of it. This includes fans who saw Swift in Massachusetts, including one woman who shared her plight with Time.

The woman, 25, said she noticed things were amiss when she read over the setlist after the concert and had to doublecheck with friends that Swift had really played each song listed. To top it off, she even found a video on her phone from the concert she has no recollection of taking.

Attention Stephen King: I think we’ve found your next parallel universe novel.

This occurrence was further discussed on Reddit, where some chalked it up to “disassociating” one’s self from the show. Not intentionally, but being so emotionally overwhelmed, one metaphorically leaves their body.

Some theorized that people are putting so much pressure on themselves to have fun at the concert (especially after spending so much), they’re overloading their brains before the show even begins.

And yes, let’s acknowledge the obvious (especially here in New England): are we sure these people hadn’t had just a bit too much to drink?

Doesn’t seem to matter. Several Redditors noted that they had nothing to drink at the show – and don’t even drink at all – but have only vague memories of a Taylor Swift concert.

Their minds telling them: “Today was a Fairytale.”

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