This is it. Less than 24 hours remain for the NH Fixed Sites and their tireless workers who have been distributing vaccines since February. Here's an open letter to everyone involved.

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Thank You!

There isn't a font size big enough for how loudly I'd like to scream this from the rooftops.

I can't imagine the amount of headaches and obstacles that you have encountered during this process.

Early on, the online sign up procedure involved a difficult system called VAMS that featured scroll bars that were hidden and sliding boxes that may have stumped even Elon Musk.

Since the average demographic of the first people that showed up at the fixed sites to get vaccinated was approximately 89 years of age, I have to think that the complaints about 'VAMS' were probably intense and loud at times.

Another aspect that people tend to forget were the unregistered 'Vaccine Vultures', as I liked to call them, who would show up at closing time demanding whatever leftover doses remained.

Again. I'm assuming dealing with these aggressive people wasn't a day at the beach either.

And speaking of beach weather, you went through it all. From 5 below wind chills, to the absolute fiery temps of the last few days. Almost all of it outside. Almost all of it on asphalt.

From the medical workers, to The National Guard to every single person that volunteered, you made my two vax visits as stress free and comfortable as humanly possible.

Every single family member, co worker and friend of mine that traveled through your lanes had the same experience as I did. And on behalf of them and the largest font on this platform, allow me to scream it again.

Thank You!

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