There are drone videos and then, there is the work of 'Dave In NH'. These astounding views of Fairhill Marsh in Rye have me wondering how this video ONLY has a few hundred views.

When watching these videos, it only takes me a few seconds before my mind escapes reality and begins to imagine that this scenery is from a far off mystical land.

Herds of unicorns gallop alongside a princess that bears a striking resemblance to Kate Upton astride a golden dragon.

Usually I snap back into the real world when I see a former picnic spot in which I scarfed down 3 pounds of fried clams and half of a Fisherman's platter.

Thanks again to drone genius Dave for letting me share another stunning seascape.

Whenever I notice that one of his outstanding videos hasn't reached the thousands in total views, I like to rebroadcast it to Shark nation and take credit for the success!

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