It was like watching The Grinch and A Christmas Miracle all in one day...but this was real life.

According to a report by WCVB Channel 5 in Boston, Benjamin Hughes and young his daughter were Christmas shopping inside JC Penney at the Mall of New Hampshire, when he realized the bag he'd been carrying was missing. Inside the bag was a bracelet he had just purchased for his girlfriend.

Benjamin'd daughter was crying. He was teary eyed. But WCVB says a JC Penney employee came to the rescue. Rhonda Rodgers asked them if she could do them a favor. And I'm almost certain they didn't expect her response when they asked "What?"

Rhonda asked Benjamin and his daughter if she could replace the gift.

WCVB says Benjamin told them "It was a blessing from God." Meanwhile, JC Penney General Manager Mark Doughegerty said he wasn't the least bit surprised by Rhonda's generosity.

She said, "Putting a smile on someone's face is better than any gift."

What do you want to bet that Benjamin and his daughter go back and shop at JC Penney again?

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