A colleague saw a bird nesting on the radio station property that wasn't immediately recognized. Where's A-Train's mom when you need her?

Mark Ericson
Mark Ericson

Our co-worker, Mark Ericson, sent this e-mail to all of the folks here at the Bob Fuller Media Center:

The bird is called a Ruffed Grouse. I had to call on a professor friend at UNH to get that one figured out. It’s not endangered or anything like that, but it is apparently nesting over by the gate to the rear buildings/tower parking lot. Professor Tarr at UNH tells me that while a female ruffed grouse poses no threat, in typical macho fashion a male ruffed grouse has been known to protect the nesting area by flying right at people.

Fair warning for me! My fear of birds is well documented, and as lovely as I find this Ruffed Grouse, the name is not as welcoming as, say a Robin, so I'll be keeping my distance.

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