Wow, I had no idea when I put up a simple question on my Facebook page that it would generate so many responses in such a short amount of time.  Here's what I asked:

Are you wearing a mask outside when in public places still?

Most of the responses were VERY definitive.  Many "NO," comments in capital letters and many "YES" in capital letters.  Kind of gives you an idea of where we are still at as a country, don't you think?

Very Few People Are In the Middle

Out of all the responses, there were very few people who were in the middle about this.

Mark:  In NY absolutely, the same with Madrid. In both places you still can’t get into anywhere without one.

Jeff:  I take my cue from people around me, since "public places" is usually a park / trails. Personally view masks there as a symbolic gesture. Stores, sidewalks, yes pretty much always because everyone else is masked.

Some People Said This Was Their Healthiest Year

I got some responses that said this past year was the healthiest one.  Their comment said that they had no colds or flu and they attribute that to wearing the mask.
Here's what the CDC has to say:
In indoor public spaces, the vaccination status of other people or whether they are at increased risk for severe COVID-19 is likely unknown. Therefore, fully vaccinated people should continue to wear a mask that fits snugly against the sides of your face and doesn’t have gaps, cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands often, and follow any applicable workplace or school guidance.

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