As with any capsaicin based treat, one must be a little fearful of the heat that doesn't hit you right away.

Often times the most painful experiences with any hot pepper begins with the phrase 'I'm not feeling anything yet, it's really not that bad'. Fast forward a couple minutes and the person that uttered that phrase has red eyes streaming tears and is gargling either ice water or whole milk while begging for mercy.

I am happy to say that eating the new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut from 'Dunks' has a very low level of pain inducing experience.

That's not to say that it's 100% tame however as I think people with a low spice tolerance may only try a small bite and surrender. But even they wouldn't become completely incapacitated.

As I say on the Tweet video, it's just a nice strong cinnamon. It really blends together two flavors nicely that I would never think of as a classic flavor combination, Strawberry and Chili Pepper? But it works!

The 'Ghost Pepper Topping' is like a red granular sugar that has a tolerable amount of spice on top of their classic strawberry donut and it glistens quite beautifully in the sunshine, thus, the outdoor filming of my soon to be award winning taste test.

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