Next week will be my THIRTIETH trip to Sin City. THREE OH. When you've been that many times, the bucket list gets smaller and weirder.


1. Go to The Gambler's General Store

This place has eluded me since 1993. Whenever I'm Downtown I always intend to make the pilgrimage, yet, somewhere between the 3 gallons of Tequila and 4 pounds of 99 cent shrimp cocktail I always forget to visit.

2. Eat At A Vegetarian Restaurant

I've never eaten at a veggie restaurant ANYWHERE, and according to my Cousin Jake, they are both 'Baller' and 'Bomb'. (If you couldn't tell, he lives in California.)

Jake has promised that I will enjoy this non-carnivore culinary experience and I'll be honest, I'm not dreading the thought of having at least one meal that isn't piled with prime rib.

3. Have A Martini And Play 17 On Roulette

For those of you hardcore James Bond fans, you get the reference. I'll have to summon a lot of courage* to utter 'Shaken... Not Stirred'.

Skip to 6:59 above for the perfect way to order it.



*at least a pint of well Vodka

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