The Shark will celebrate with 'The Spirit of '76' all day for The Fourth of July with extra classic hits from the Bicentennial year! One of my earliest memories took place at The Woodman Park School in Dover on that historic date.


My Father's cousin had an apartment with a huge lawn on Silver Street and they had a gigantic Bicentennial bash.

At dusk, the entire party of what seemed to be 100 people all walked over to The Woodman Park School lawn nearby for a professional caliber fireworks display.

Each singular firework was 'assigned' to each child before it would rocket through the air.

The hardest I've ever laughed, probably to this day, was when there were duds. Nothing funnier to a three year old (or a 44 year old) than a meteoric build-up followed by 'Thwup' 'Hissssssssssssssssssss' and not even a flash. Hilarious!

I may be mistaken, but I remember that 'my firework' was a gigantic bright red explosion that lit up the Garrison City skyline as thousands ooooohed and ahhhhed.

A magical Dover memory of The Ultimate 4th of July.

Hope you enjoy reliving 1976 tomorrow with all the great classic hits from that year on The Shark!

Happy Independence Day!

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