Making an authentic tasting, yet completely easy, steak pizzaiola takes just a few ingredients and less than a half hour. Check out the recipe I just invented!

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I honestly thought you had to have four years in culinary school to make this Italian classic but a delicious knock off is really not that difficult.


Two Small Sirloin Steaks (They were $2 a piece at Market Basket)

One Green Bell Pepper

One Medium Sized Onion

One Jar Chunky Vegetable Ragu Spag Sauce

Shredded Cheese

Olive Oil 

Salt and Pepper

I put the steaks in one pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, then chopped up the pepper and onion and put that in a separate sauce pan. Both burners were set at 4 for heat (I almost always use 4)

Once the onions and peppers were cooked down (10 min?) I dumped in the whole jar of Ragu. It took awhile to start bubbling again, but once it did I stirred occasionally and put the burner on low.

I grew impatient with the steaks so I took them out of the pan, cut them into several bite size pieces and repanned (?)  them and cooked them until they were medium well.

I then took half of the steak pieces and put them in a deep dish, and then poured half of the sauce over it and sprinkled some shredded cheese over that.

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I had the other half of this today without cheese and it was just as good I swear. A recipe that is really better than the sum of it's parts.


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