It was a Winter's morning in Gonic NH circa 1977, the greatest Christmas gift I would ever receive (to this date) was a brilliant green that out dazzled the Christmas tree itself!

Blue Pool table with balls
Getty Images/iStockphoto

It was a Coleco kids sized pool table!

Of course, in my 4 year old mind it was identical in size and in stature to the billiard tables that I was hypnotized by, watching Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats on ABC's Wide World Of Sports.

It was a really well built table that lasted for years but eventually, the legs gave out. Even then, playing billiards with the table on the floor added a certain element of difficulty.

It's funny, the pool balls were smaller than golf balls and the pockets were that much smaller as well. After spending most of my elementary school days practicing on this table, the skills served me well when it was the time to play on an adult sized table many years later.


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