For the second time in FOUR DAYS my twin nephews Caleb and Connor won another baseball championship. And on their Birthday no less!

Marsha Lapierre - Photo Credit

After my vigorous session of 'Hot Yoga' last night, I still managed to make it to Roger Allen Field in time to see Connor (left in photo) pitch an inning of scoreless baseball with TWO put outs and a strikeout.

Caleb then followed up the next inning with a nice opposite field hit!

Their team Creteau, Hackett and Lachapelle won the U8 city championship by a score of 5-1. This is the second year in a row that my nephews won this trophy.

If you need proof that I was there AND that I was completely exhausted from 'hot yoga', just take a look at my photo of the team just seconds after they won the title.

Train Images

Suffice it to say, I don't think this pic will be winning any sports journalism awards in the near future.

Congrats to Caleb and Connor and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!