Since it's National Nacho Day, I figured I'd prepare nachos the way I think they were meant to be prepared. Allow me to elaborate.

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First, you put a reasonable amount of nachos on a microwave safe plate. I like to use Tostitos Crispy Rounds but any nacho will do.

A nice even spread of chips with no more than one or two chips piled on top of each other.

Then, I take a bag of pre-shredded white cheddar cheese and cover the nachos lightly. The cheese will melt and spread throughout the entire dish once the cooking begins.


How do you remember this exact time?

It's as easy as One Two Three (1:23)

Then you put on three tablespoons of jarred salsa and one tablespoon of sour cream in the middle.

Sprinkle it with a healthy amount of black pepper and your done!

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Through years of research and development, I've concluded that this is the best way to enjoy nachos as each individual chip has an equal amount of toppings on it and you don't waste anything.

As the exception that proves the rule, there is usually one mass of nachos in the middle that collects the majority of sour cream and I refer to that either as 'The Jackpot' or 'Dessert'.