My latest trip up Route 26 provided even more proof that I own their Sun & Moon machine. Yes folks, that is ANOTHER 50 free spin bonus!

Train Images

For those of you that don't spend every waking minute thinking about video slot machine bonuses, allow me to explain what this screen represents.

The wild card symbols in this game are 'The Sun' (which are the two red circles in the bottom right of the screen) and 'The Moon' (which are the three blue circles located on the first three reels).

For lining up all five of these wild cards for one .60 cent play, you get a scatter bonus of $30! In addition to fifty free bonus spins that feature extra wild card symbols.

Train Images

Unfortunately, the bonus round was a little cooler than most. Although I'm not going to sneeze at winning an additional $26.

Last August, I hit this identical 50 spin bonus for a grand total of $219! That was a Top 3 all time jackpot (based on bet/odds ratio) for yours truly after 24 years of gambling.

I always have a great time at Oxford and ESPECIALLY on this machine!