The struggle is real. Each weekend in the NFL has been more and more difficult to predict. FEAR NOT! Bob and I are here to deliver TWO Big Picks that are guarantees!*

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Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The Atlanta Falcons

As a show of respect to Bob, I will refrain from mentioning anything about his performance (or lack thereof) in reference to last week's slate of NFL games.

You can only control what's in front of you, after all, and Bob is confident that The Falcons will fly high at home against The Miami Dolphins.

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A-Train Picks: The Denver Broncos

This just seems too good to be true. The Broncos at home taking on the winless and beaten up New York Football Giants?

Vegas has The Broncos as a twelve point favorite and I can't figure out why the number is THAT low? Denver will ROLL for sure.

*By the way, the guarantee in the headline is not really a guarantee.

Nothing in life is guaranteed except for the fun you have playing The Pro Football Pick Em!