In the face of a topsy-turvy and turbulent NFL season, Bob from Honda Barn simply cannot be stopped. Listen here for his 'Big Deal' pick of the week and you can't go wrong.

Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The Minnesota Vikings

Bob is selecting The Vikings for two reasons.

1) They turned the ball over 5 times last week VS. Philly and there is no way they can play that badly two weeks in a row.

2) The Chicago Bears (who the Vikes play on Monday night) are absolutely dreadful.

Getty Images - John Grieshop

A-Train Picks: The Cincinnati Bengals

I, unlike Bob from Honda Barn, have no good reason why I'm picking Cincy.

Mostly, it's because I'm sick of waking up early for those 9AM kickoffs in London only to snooze out a few minutes later. I figure if I make my "Big Deal" pick on this game, the sheer Halloween season inspired terror of losing three picks in a row should be enough to keep me awake.

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