This glaring U Pick 'Em Leaderboard is not a typo. Yes folks, Sarah is one game better than I am and that's just the very beginning of how awful my NFL predictions were.


Sarah forgot to pick the Thursday night opener! And I picked that correctly! I had a one game head start and she STILL caught up and pulled ahead!

On the 'U Pick Em' radio segment, I prevented my teammate, Hugh MacDougall from picking Philadelphia for our 'Big Pick' and that would have been a winner. I decided that we'd choose New Orleans and their defense couldn't stop a Pop Warner team yesterday afternoon.

Jake from SIS Bank correctly picked Minnesota, so, sure enough, I'm looking up at Team Sarah from the bottom of that leaderboard as well.

All I can hope for is that it's a long season and I'll get back into the flow of things next week. We still have TWO games to watch tonight after all! Hope springs eternal!

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