I give myself an A for effort but a FAIL for getting the proper drink ordered for my 30th Vegas Vacation goal.

Train Images
Train Images

I'm not going to blame the cocktail server who was very friendly and competent or the barkeep that prepared this perfectly respectable martini, it was just not what I wanted and I have nobody to blame but myself.

'A dry martini please, 3 parts Gordon's gin, 1 part Vodka, Lillet Vermouth and a thin slice of lemon. Shaken *DRAMATIC PAUSE* not stirred.'

That's all I had to say. I've memorized that sentence since I was 12 I think but what I said was, "Yeah uhh, could I get a gin AND vodka martini with a lemon thing? hee hee hee"

What the heck was that?

It resulted in a non James Bond martini, tasted good, sure, but my stained t-shirt while I played penny slots was a far cry from a tuxedo and high stakes baccarat.

Ahh, such is life, someday I'll make this happen no matter how many evil masterminds try to stop me!

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