Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother, and thankfully, The Orleans Hotel and Casino has Cinderella, The Video Slot Machine. What a fun run this was!

Ainsworth Game Technology - Train Images
Ainsworth Game Technology - Train Images

As you may remember, my last Vegas trip included a $671 winning streak and this game was a big contributing factor.

What amazes me is that LAST time I was betting one dollar per spin, this time, later in my trip and pinching pennies, I hit for a larger payout.

The key to this game is getting the bonus. All the real money is made during this magical mode. Once you get three glass slippers, the fun really begins.

You get 7 free spins. A little mouse cranks a watch key and rewards each spin multipliers,if the Fairy Godmother turns all Cinderellas into wild cards and the cash starts to pile up quickly.

Get TWO glass slippers in this bonus round and you'll get 4 more bonus spins.

I had at least 30 free spins in this particular $140 plus jackpot and the next morning, the same exact game rewarded me $70.

Thank you Cinderella!

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