Police in Berwick, Maine are asking for the public's help. A brood of roosters has been abandoned and they need to find a home. Can you help?

According to the social media post that the Berwick, Maine Police Department posted on their Facebook page on Monday, April 29th, a bunch of roosters have been abandoned and Berwick police needs some help in catching these feathery creatures and also finding these birds a place to call home.

Apparently, these roosters were found abandoned on Ridlon Road near the Hubbard Road end in Berwick, Maine and police are asking the public if anyone would be willing to assist in capturing and taking possession of the roosters. Berwick Police Department says anyone that is interested in helping can contact ACO (Animal Control Officer) Carol Harris at 207-698-1567.

If your or someone you know can either help round-up these boys or give them a place to live, please let the Berwick Police Department know. Here's hoping these guys can be recovered safely and find a nice place to roost!

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