This is sad news for Portsmouth.  Abode on Lafayette Road is closing for good.

According to a story from Seacoast Online, the owner of Abode, Carl Rohacek, is closing up shop for good.  He says it's time to relax and enjoy his life.

Carl explained that his business has been declining ever since the recession began to hit in 2007 and many people are shopping online.  Carl said in the report that it's, "a tougher market."

He also said,

We used to get affluent snow birds in the spring and summer, but they stopped coming.

It wasn't an easy decision for him.  Carl had been thinking about it for the past year ever since his partner retired.

Rohacek had traveled to the Philippines, Hong Kong and other places around the world to gather his home goods.  Some of the pieces he brought back would never be let in the country now, so says the report.

The last day for Abode is December 31st.  All the furnishings, fixtures, everything, will be sold.

Good luck to Carl on his next adventure!



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