Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has cleared up some rather funny misconceptions about his past in a newly released 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' interview.

While talking to our sister site Loudwire, Frehley gets plenty of chances to let loose with his famous cackling laugh as he learns of all the false stories that are presented as "facts" on his Wikipedia page. He seems particularly amused by the story that as a child he was once given "a pipe and a box of condoms" for Christmas.

Frehley, who's about to release a new solo album entitled 'Space Invader,' also reveals whether or not he was ever in a gang with W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless, explains how he actually got really lucky the night he was shocked onstage, and tells the "scary then, funny now" story of how he once thought he went blind. The conversation turns to some serious stories about his childhood too. But really, the best way to hear all this is from Ace himself. We strongly suggest you watch the whole thing, and look for part two of this interview in the near future.

Ace Frehley Shares His Best 'Spinal Tap' Story

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