In case you missed it, A-Train and I talked to Huw Collins and Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars.  They both have ties to NH and wanted to come here to encourage people to get out and vote.

Train also had a little fun with Huw and his English Accent.  He is known to us as "our only cool friend," so we try to be nice to him, but I told him I didn't like his newly formed mustache.  Also, I thought Ian had an incredible radio voice and I told him that too.... in front of our only cool friend, so, I'm hoping that Huw will come back.


Because of this star-studded visit, Aaron's people are currently in talked with Ian's people to create a radio show where they try to talk in a bad, bad British accent and see how quickly it will be cancelled.  The show will be called, "Train-Wreck Accents With Ian and Train."  I just made all that up, but now that I've described it, I think it should happen.

I told a friend of mine that I had Ian and Hue in studio and she just about lost her mind.  Pretty Little Liars is popular world-wide.  Ian and Huw were telling us how they are recognized, even with masks on!  I have watched the show, but only a little bit.  Truth be told, I was looking for Huw and he didn't show up until much later in the series.  It's available on HBO Max now.  I'll need something to do tonight other than watch the election results, so maybe I'll binge watch PLL.

Here's the podcast in case you missed it.

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