Align Credit Union truly embraces the credit union philosophy of "people helping people," especially through their community involvement. They are our sponsor for the Year of Service 2021, joining a decades-long tradition of our powerful radio stations offering free advertising to select local nonprofits. Align Credit Union is invested in helping its members reach their financial goals and supporting the communities they serve.

This month they’re highlighting Monarch School of New England, which offers unlimited possibilities for students with special needs. The Monarch School of New England is a non-profit school that serves students ages five to 21 years old with significant physical, medical, developmental, behavioral, and emotional disabilities.

At Monarch School of New England, the school uses a team approach to ensure all the needs of each student are met. The school offers pre-vocational and vocational programs, as well as related services like speech-language, physical, behavioral, and nursing services. Hippotherapy, adaptive skiing, gardening, and other services are also offered at Monarch School of New England because they want students to grow. They do this by creating an Individualized Education Plan.

Rooted in the belief that each child deserves an environment in which they can flourish, the Monarch School of New England designs programs based on the individual needs and capabilities of each student.  Students here are seen for their abilities – not for their disabilities – for their capacity to learn and to grow.

Since Monarch School of New England is a non-profit, it thrives off of donations from the community. You can learn more about making a donation or host a sponsorship for your company by visiting their sponsor webpage.

Throughout the year, the Monarch School of New England usually hosts a motorcycle ride, golf tournament, and a harvest festival and walk. While Monarch School of New England wasn’t able to hold their motorcycle ride due to the pandemic, they will be back at it with a golf tournament on May 27, 2021. Spaces are limited, so if you want to get in on the action at the Rochester Country Club, you’ll want to sign up ASAP.

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