Recycling is something that I take pretty seriously, so when I saw this tweet from the City of Dover about the recycling center's hours, I wanted to spread the word as much as I could.

My inspiration for recycling is my love of trees.

At Dover Apple Harvest Day this past Saturday, Bartlett Tree Experts out of Hooksett passed out about 600 saplings for people to plant on their own property.  Their truck was located just in front of Henry Law Park and I was somewhere around Blue Latitudes, so I had to high tail it through thousands of people to get mine, but there was no way I wasn't going to get a couple of saplings for myself.  I love that idea.  Sure, the trees will take about 50 years to grow as tall as their potential, but the effort will be there and maybe my kids and grandkids can enjoy cleaner air, shade or a just the beauty of a tree because I made a small effort.

On the way back to my car, beyond Ross Furniture, a woman stopped and asked me where I got the trees.  She couldn't walk all the way back, so I gave her one of mine.  You're welcome, Lady.

Thank you, Bartlett Tree!!

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