A woman from Exeter has started a wonderful campaign to ease the financial burden that servers have endured these past 11 months. This is a brilliant idea!

Young bartender girl in a medical mask pour green liquid from beaker into glass with ice.

Natalie Healy was once herself a single Mom. She is well aware of how expensive the everyday expenses of parenting can be and started this unique 'Go Fund Me' campaign. 

By utilizing this site, people in the service industry can customize their specific needs on a list. Anyone wishing to give these specific items, is encouraged to do so at a public location arranged upon by both parties.

If you would like to donate money to the general fund, there is that option as well. The site explains how these funds are allocated.

The funds will be divided among those employees who have the most need- to be determined by a committee of restauranteurs on the Seacoast. While names may not be made public, the donations made will be.


-'Adopt A Seacoast Server Bartender' Go Fund Me Site

Before 'The Dark Times', I used to go out to my favorite bar on the Saturday closest to payday and spend at least $35 on a big meal and a couple beers. Since the pandemic hit hard last March, I've only gone out TWICE in 11 months.

That's a $350 drop off just for me! I cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of the drop off for the entire community.

I've mentioned this just recently, but giving on Go Fund Me is very easy, trustworthy and it's simple to remain anonymous too.

And this is such a terrific cause! Please give what you can!

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