Aerosmith is a New England Band

No doubt about it, Aerosmith is one of Boston's shining stars of bands that we take complete and total ownership of.

Maxanne Sartori, a then-young DJ but now off the air, WBCN, first played Aerosmith on Boston airwaves. Steven Tyler's family vacation home was and IS still on Lake Winnipesaukee.

You get the idea, they are a New Hampshire/Boston/New England band.

Aerosmith Played Holman Stadium in New Hampshire on September 3, 1973

Even with all the local ties to the band, it's still very cool to know that Aerosmith played at Holman Stadium in Nashua on September 3, 1973.

Holman Stadium is located in the middle of Nashua, just off the Everett Turnpike, off Exit 6.  Parking is an issue on a good day in that area of the city, but in 1973, hitchhiking was a definite possibility.

Were you there?

New England Baby Boomers Remember

There are so many people who are still living here in New Hampshire who remember this show well.

My four eldest siblings, who are baby boomers, all went to the show. They hitchhiked from Hollis, New Hampshire, about 15 miles West of Nashua to the stadium.

One of my sisters remembers that it wasn't hard to get a ride back in those days, because everyone hitchhiked, and everyone seemed to be going to the show.

She didn't tell me much about the show itself, but she remembers a very young Steven Tyler (of course, I asked about him specifically).

Did You Go to the Show?

If you went to the show, I'd love to hear about it.  I, unfortunately, was too young to go at the time, but I did catch Joe Perry at the Kahala in Nashua, but that was in the '80s when Aerosmith had broken up for a time.

That's a story for another day.

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