A lot of Granite Staters and even visitors from near the Salem, New Hampshire border are calling this a massive loss to the area.

Late last night, after over 14 years of serving what some call the best Mediterranean and Lebanese food in all of New England, the team at Jocelyn's Restaurant and Martini Lounge announced they'll be closing their doors.

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Jocelyn's Restaurant in Salem, NH

Positioned along the insanely busy Route 28 in Salem, New Hampshire for over a decade, Jocelyn's may be best known for their Lebanese and Mediterranean food, but they also offer American cuisine.

In fact, as featured last year on Wicked Bites, which highlights the best spots for food around Massachusetts and New Hampshire, it wasn't all that long ago that some serious remodeling took place inside of Jocelyn's to both the dining room and the lounge.

The remodeling also came with a bit of a rebranding as well, as Jocelyn's rolled out a new drink menu and gave the lounge a real martini bar feel.

According to the late-night post on the Jocelyn's Restaurant Instagram last night announcing the end of its 14-year run, the restaurant will close its doors for good next Tuesday, May 22.

While no real reason for the closing was given (and, honestly, is one of those things where it's not necessarily the public's business), there is a highlight for customers who have been big fans of the cuisine there. Because according to Jocelyn's post,

...Executive Chef, George Sfier, will be lighting up the culinary scene at Sevmar Mediterranean Bistro.

Sevmar Mediterranean Bistro is located inside The 97 Shops Plaza on Main Street in Salem, New Hampshire, right near the Salem/Haverhill, Massachusetts line.

According to someone in the comments section of Jocelyn's post, it's rumored that a cigar bar will take over after Jocelyn's closes its doors for the final time next Tuesday. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

Wicked Bites via YouTube
Wicked Bites via YouTube

To the owners and staff of Jocelyn's Restaurant, thanks for 14 years of delicious eats and memories.

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