Age is just a number to some people

I want age to be just a number to me, but I see some of the activities that people younger than me are doing and I think I can’t take those risks at my age.

Shirley Ziebarth who lives on Newfound Lake has totally changed my attitude.

I used to water ski as a teenager and loved it.  I suppose as I grew older it was just time to put that away but not Shirley Ziebarth!

She is 93 years young and loves to alpine AND water ski, according to, which shared her inspiring story.

I’m thinking of taking up running

If Shirley Ziebarth can still be out water skiing and alpine skiing on a competitive level at 93, I need to get off my butt and start training for something!

Shirley says her success might be the good genetics she inherited from her father, grandfather, and great uncle all of whom were active participants in the Scottish Highland Games, according to the Union Leader.

I don’t know if you have ever been to see a Scottish Highland Games event, but the physical strength is shocking.  There are men out there throwing what looks like telephone poles.

Shirley also credits a happy marriage with an active, husband who also enjoyed being an athlete, the newspaper noted.

Being Active is Life Extending

Being active is the key to living a full life, I think. You can be alone and shelter in place and play it safe but is that really living?

Todd Fahey, who is the executive director of AARP in New Hampshire, tells, “This should be a beacon to all people that age is not a limiting factor in one’s possibilities.”

He goes on to say that the Granite State is the perfect place to live to full age.

So, Shirley Ziebarth is of Scottish heritage and so is my wife.  That explains a lot. My wife is always out there wanting to kayak and run marathons.  The pandemic lockdowns hit us both hard, but she is starting to pick up running again to go back to racing.

I need to get my running shoes out!

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