Align Credit Union truly embraces the credit union philosophy of "people helping people," especially through their community involvement. They are our sponsor for the Year of Service 2022, joining a decades-long tradition of our powerful radio stations offering free advertising to select local nonprofits. Align Credit Union is invested in helping its members reach their financial goals and supporting the communities they serve.

This month, they're celebrating the Working Dog Foundation, based in Raymond, New Hampshire. For more than 25 years, the organization has been promoting and training Police K-9 after noticing a trend of police agencies discontinuing and declining to start such programs because of funding and training concerns. In that time, they have raised more than $200,000 to train and support police dogs, including giving 15 police dogs to departments free of charge.

"A properly trained and handled Police K-9 is one of the best non-lethal aids in the prevention and detection of crime," according to their website.

Their work goes beyond financial assistance, though. They have nationally accredited training staff and training fields, present free K-9 bulletproof vests to all foundation teams, and present public demonstrations and open houses. They were included in a PBS special on working dogs and have received several awards, including a Governor's Award for Volunteerism. Their work spans New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

To learn more, find information about upcoming events, and donate, visit

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