Man, oh, man, will she be missed or what?

The woman bringing the news to us on the weekends on WMUR is bringing us personal news that makes us very sad.  Okay, when I say "us," I mean me.

Amy Coveno has been a news reporter with WMUR since 2007, and many of us have been watching her since then.  Amy announced her "retirement" on her Facebook page, and you can just read the comments to understand what she means to New Hampshire.

The only time I have ever seen Amy in person was at the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters Golden Mic awards ceremony, which usually happens every October.  She IS as nice and personable in the flesh as she is on the television.

That's the thing about Amy, I think.  It is her personality and the constant friendly look on her face that endears us to her.  When she delivers bad news, her authentic sadness also shows through.  True blue, baby.

I know when I spoke to Amy, I commented how much I loved her hair and she laughed and laughed and thanked me very much.

Another "Amy" highlight was when her dog Bella walked into the weather shot when Josh Judge was giving the forecast.

Amy's best quality is that she is REAL as real can be, and that's why we love her.

On her Facebook page, she said that it's time to have more time to play with her grandchildren. And as much as I will miss her, that's so typical of Amy.  Her grandchildren have stolen her heart.  She has always worn her heart on her sleeve (again, another reason why we love her).  Her last broadcast is March 31, 2024.  Get out the tissues.

Amy, New Hampshire news won't be the same without you, your wicked nice hair, and your smile.  We are so sad to see you go, but we wish you nothing but the best with those beautiful grand-babies!

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