Spending a week in a county where new daily cases of COVID-19 are TWENTY times higher than the entire State Of NH? Here's my plan to stay safe.


Clark County, Nevada

347 New Active Cases for July 7th

Keep in mind, the entire State of New Hampshire is dealing with less than 200 total active cases. Almost twice as many cases were diagnosed for Clark County Nevada just yesterday.

It dawned on me this morning that my plan to stay safe is remarkably similar to the usual pattern of behavior that I follow during the previous thirty trips I've taken to Las Vegas over the years.

I stay away from crowds even during normal non-pandemic circumstances.

It will help that my stay is from Sunday to Thursday, which are the lightest days for foot traffic at all the casinos, both on The Strip and Downtown.

As far as any concerns with taxis, ride share or public transportation?

There are none, as I always rent a car. Yes, the price was close to 300% higher than what I'm used to, but it'll be worth it to roam freely throughout the promised land of great blackjack odds and deliciously cost effective shrimp cocktail.

I will bring a mask and have it on me at all times, just in case I find myself somewhere that I need one.

But the main thing I keep telling myself is this. I'm vaccinated. I've done my part. And I'll be damned if I'm going to be afraid to visit my favorite place in the world after following all the rules for 16 months or more.

I'm back baby! VIVA Las Vegas!

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