Thankfully this mechanical mystery is finally over and done with, other than the remaining oil slicks and trails of 10W30 weight shame. I must issue an apology to all living creatures of the Seacoast area.

Ryan Corbett - Corbett Automotive - Photo Credit
Ryan Corbett - Corbett Automotive - Photo Credit

Over the past few days, I've had what was believed to be a 'ONE IN A MILLION' problem with oil filters. Two consecutive filters were deemed dysfunctional as they left puddles of Pennzoil everywhere.

Thanks to Ryan Corbett of Corbett Automotive in Farmington, the real culprit was identified.


Apparently this $40 part is close enough to the filter that when it leaks, the oil runs down on the filter and gives it the appearance of a deformed filter gasket. This is much more common than a ruptured switch.

Train Images
Ryan Corbett - Corbett Automotive

Thanks to Ryan for not only fixing the problem but taking these pics to show just how badly an oil leak can spread.

As 'Forest Ranger Train' I feel the extra pain of this pollution. I'm supposed to be spreading the word on the evils of environmental disaster, not spreading oil everywhere?!

What a crude bit of irony.

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