I got married 3 weeks ago and we did not immediately hop on a plane to honeymoon, so the question has hung over us: "When are you taking a trip?!" We certainly intend to, but with the shows, kids, life -- we are putting it off a bit and really taking our time to plan.

Having said that, in the meantime we are looking at little staycations and weekend getaways and in that pursuit I came across the following article listing hotels that are both luxurious and historic in each state and of course we looking at Wentworth in New Castle (selected as NH's best), the Westin in Portland and others in the region and beyond.

There are common threads among these hotels, like a list of historic guests, unique furnishings that give them character but also a connection to summers gone by.

How about you? Been to any of these hotels locally or elsewhere? Where is your favorite quick getaway hotel/spot?

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