Can you imagine making it all the way to your destination only to hear clucking from your backseat?

This happened to Samantha Charles from Andover, New Hampshire!

She left her car door open and quickly ran back into her house to get something. Her chicken named Red took this as an opportunity for a road trip! Red sneakily slithered her way into Samantha's backseat.

Lots of questions were asked on the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page!

The most popular one was: Is this Samantha's chicken, or is it one of the neighbor's chicken hitching a ride? It has been confirmed it is indeed one of Samantha's chickens. She just wanted to go for a ride, like a small dog with two legs and a beak!

Scott from Lyndeborough, New Hampshire, had the winning comment: "Love this! As your Uber driver, she owes you 65 clucks plus tip! 💖😂"

Have your pets ever showed up somewhere uninvited? Let us know in the comments!

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