What are these ice discs!?!!

When a reporter came to Maine to see the huge ice disc in Westbrook, his reaction was something like.... "Ice.  In Maine.  Who woulda thought."  I understand his non-excitement, but this is just WEIRD!  I'm a native New Englander and I've never seen these discs before.  Now, one has popped up in Baxter State Park in Millinocket.




These look like alien landing pads to me.  If you don't believe that aliens exist, I would challenge you to ask yourself:  Do you really think that we are the only intelligent species out there?  C'mon now, that's crazier than any alien story I've ever heard.  The Universe is bigger than we have the capacity to even comprehend, so if "they" want to visit, maybe they just give the Earth a little shake to create a perfectly symmetrical sphere for their space-ships.

It's a theory.

This disc is also an excuse to visit Baxter State Park again.  One of the most beautiful places on Earth.  #goawayaliens  #ibelieve  #xfiles

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