It seems the Summer of the Shark is upon us.  Every news channel has been reporting on sightings and interactions with the Great Whites in the Cape Cod area, but are they really the biggest threat?

According to, not really.

The big guy we need to fear the most is the Bull Shark.

Although fatalities and attacks by Great White’s and Tiger sharks are more frequently reported, the Bull Shark is the scariest because of where they can attack you, CNN reported.

Of course, my son’s theory that his chances of getting attacked by a shark on the sand are zero still holds true, just because you are not in the ocean doesn’t mean you are safe from a shark attack.

According to, Bull sharks can swim in shallow, brackish water and while a Great White might mistake you for a seal in the water, the Bull Shark will bite you just because they are curious.

Bull Sharks are by far the most aggressive shark and won’t think twice about biting anything and everything, including people, CNN reported.  So, while you dip that kayak in the water just remember, Bull Sharks can and do, swim in freshwater.

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