Source: WalletHub

Do you think you live in a safe state? You might be surprised!

WalletHub is the king of state by state studies The website ranked all 50 states from safest to least safe using 37 different criteria. Obviously, the researchers looked at crime rates, but they also studied factors such as DUIs and fatal crashes, workplace injuries, disease rates, natural disasters, and job security.

You'll be happy to know that all 6 New England states made the safe list. In fact, they're all in the top ten.

Here are 2017’s Top 10 "Safest States In America" ranked by order.

(1) Vermont
(2) Maine
(3) Massachusetts
(4) Minnesota
(5) New Hampshire
(6) Washington
(7) Connecticut
(8) Rhode Island
(9) Utah
(10) Hawaii

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