They're the Raymond NH steak tips that all others should bow before and rightly tremble. Yet, I've never attempted to cook Tuckaway Tavern's 'NH Best House' steak tips on my own stove. Let's see how I did!

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Thanks to my co-host Sarah for providing me these glorious steak tips as well as the confidence that their preparation are 'foolproof'.

She informed me that my method of pan frying any and all steak will be fine so, here we go!

I used my large Farberware saucepan and set the oven for 6 out of 10. As per Sarah's instructions, I did nothing else.

Normally, I'd put down at least a few tablespoons of olive oil or a tablespoon of butter, but, in this case the last thing I wanted to do was add something that's not needed.

My 'go to' timing method on steak tips is to flip them over every four or five minutes at least twice and I didn't change that approach.


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The thickness of these tips did change the last bit of cooking that I learned from watching hours and hours of Jacques Pepin's shows.

You always have to let the steak 'rest' for at least ten minutes so the juices redistribute evenly throughout the beef and maximize the tenderness.

I turned the burner off and let it cook, then cool down slowly waiting ten minutes after I stopped hear it sizzle.

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My favorite way to have steak is medium/medium rare and I think I nailed it.

Shortly after taking this photo, I devoured the entire 1.25 pounds.

Just like Sarah said, I can't imagine making a mistake severe enough to ruin these tips.

They are 'foolproof' indeed!

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