You are looking at my mid-haircut selfie captured at George's Barber Shop in Rochester yesterday. I really lucked out! Allow me to explain.

Train Images
Train Images

I've been driving by the corner of Hancock and Lowell Street all this week seeing the OPEN signs and flags as well as several cars in the parking lot and, quite frankly, I didn't want to wait.

Yesterday I had to do a double take as it was 2:30pm and there wasn't a car in sight. Adhering to the guidelines of NH's Reopening Task Force I called George (from about 30 feet away) and was in the chair taking this photo just seconds later.

Just thinking back to the last time I had my hair cut and it seems like decades ago. It was the week before my Vegas vacation. It doesn't seem possible that I spent the next week, elbow to elbow at the Black Jack table with other unmasked gamblers such as myself. Not to mention packed into a full airplane for five hours.

It was a great feeling yesterday. A very therapeutic experience to have something that used to be part of the routine, return as such, after 2 and a half months away.

As someone who doesn't have much hair to speak of, I would have never thought that that would be the case.

To look in the mirror, week after week, and see my hair devolve into looking first like Kevin from The Office, then like Benjamin Franklin?

Don't get me wrong, they're both heroes of mine to a certain degree but I hope I never look like either of them ever again.

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