Governor Sununu has re-opened the State even further and he was on the Shark's Morning Show with Aaron and me this morning.

He talked about his experience with getting tested at the Rite-Aid in Portsmouth for the coronavirus.  He described the procedure as being very easy.  The Governor went online first and made an appointment to be at Rite-Aid and when he got there, it was very quick.  The people at Rite-Aid handed him the test kit, he put the q-tip up his nose and handed it back to them inside of a drawer, similar to one you would see at the bank.  He hasn't received his results yet, but he expects to either today or tomorrow.

You can register for your own test at Rite-Aid, just click here for more information.

The Governor also answered a question from Aaron that asked if he had a touch of fear in him when dealing with "Mothers of the Bride," regarding allowing weddings to go on as planned.  He admitted, it was a little more than just a little fear!  Mothers of the Bride have been planning for months and they need to know how much chicken or fish to buy and they need to know now!

A friend of mine is getting married next year and they are starting to prepare NOW.  I am part of the wedding and I can't imagine if we had to change our plans.  It's a life event that takes time and money!  Glad that we can have those celebrations now!

The Governor did say there were references to the movie, "Footloose."  You can hear the entire interview here:


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