YouTuber 'DaveIn NH' is back with a very cool drone video of the Wood Life Saving Station in Kittery, Maine that has quite an historical tie in with the events of today.


Drones don't get corona virus, so I went over to Fort Foster to see how the Mavic Mini would handle the flight over to the Wood Island Life Saving Station and Whale Back Light.


Interestingly, prisoners of the Spanish-American War were quarantined on Wood Island to prevent the spread of Yellow Fever back in the late 1800s.


There was a brisk breeze, so I was a little worried flying a 249 gram drone out past 3500 feet, but the flight went off without a hitch.

- Dave In NH

I had to do the math to figure out that 249 grams was about a half a pound. That's unbelievable that something around the weight of a baseball can hover through the whipping winds of the North Atlantic and take such smooth footage.

Also, I cannot imagine being quarantined here in the late 1800's, talk about 'No Phone, No Lights, No Motorcar, Not a single luxury' (<-- Gilligan's Island reference.) I've been cooped up for a couple months with all those luxuries and I'm still whining and moping.

Dave has assured me that I can easily fly one of his crafts and have similar results to this beautiful videos that I can barely copy and paste the link to.

I'm quite sure that this "Life Saving Station" would not be able to save the life of his Mini Mavic once I crashed it into the rocks at about 90 MPH.

Talk about a fastball!

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