You wouldn't believe some of the cool stuff you'll find on the walls at Hodgy's Barber Shop in Barrington, NH. An authentic 50's era menu from an iconic Boston hotel had me mesmerized. Check it out!

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC

Yes I think I'll have the New England Fish Chowder and perhaps, the fresh imported caviar to start. And for an entree, the spring lamb steak saute sounds delightful. How about a nice red wine with that as well.


Oh, just seven dollars and fifty cents. NICE.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC

A quick glance at the second half of this menu and you'll see why these prices are so reasonable, they're from 62 years ago!

It is a tempting idea to borrow this from Hodgy and head down to Avery Street, slip this baby into the current menu and see if you can get this kind of discount.

I'd NEVER try to pull that off. I think I'll just hang out here at this Barrington barbershop until it's my turn to get shorn. That's about as 'Ritzy' as it gets for me.