Lately, we are seeing businesses trying to keep themselves afloat with special deals and fun things to do for their patrons, but this story is unique in that the owner of a movie theater, who must be hurting financially I'm assuming, is choosing to host an event for the benefit of the NH Food Bank.  I love it.

Tim Barnes, according to a story from Fosters, owner of BarnZ Barrington Cinema will soon be showing movies in his parking lot while the theater itself is still closed due to the pandemic.  Tim just wanted to help the food bank and give families a safe, fun event to do outside of their home.

The first event at BarnZ's is this Thursday night and it's a double feature just the way drive in's used to be!  They are going to be showing Goonies and Wonder Woman!  So FUN!

Tim Barnes, the owner, told Foster's:

All of the admission will go to the food bank.......We were sitting around trying to figure out what we could do. This just came to us because we do movies and this is what we could do. Not only are we giving people a night out, we’re also giving them a way to give back to people when they really need it, to their friends and neighbors. Food banks are all hard hit right now.

The cost of admission is whatever you can afford.  The concession stand at BarnZ will be open too, so you can get popcorn, candy and a drink!

Find out what's coming next on their Facebook page.

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